The EMRC Gas Flow Monitor System

Let us help you ensure your system is installed correctly and collecting the data you need.

EMRC Support

During the sales process, we’ll work with you extensively to ensure that your gas flow
monitor system is customized to perfectly fit your application and needs. After you receive your system, we’ll also walk through the installation and data calculation steps to ensure
your system is properly set up. If you need our support at any point in the future, our
tech support staff is always here to help you with any questions that arise over your
system’s lifetime.

Tech Support

Should you have any questions or issues during the lifetime of your EMRC Gas Flow Monitor, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our tech support team. With plenty of experience helping clients handle issues in the field, we make it a priority to get your questions answered quickly and your issues solved effectively.

Installation Training

When you’re ready to set up your system, our team will provide recommendations for monitor location and signal communication with your plant data system. We can also explain what kind of signal the system will produce and speak a little bit about wiring.

Download the Example Monitor Manual +

Data Calculation and usage training

Using the differential pressure recorded by the EMRC Gas Flow Monitor System, you’ll have everything you need to calculate the volumetric flow of your emissions. Our team will walk you through these EPA-mandated calculations to make sure that the information you’re collecting stays accurate.

Download the Example Monitor Manual +

Contact Our Support Staff Directly

Sam Zierke
GFM Supervisor
2751 Enterprise Ave STE. #2
Billings, MT 59102
Office: 406-373-7429 (Direct)

Jake Wiggs, QSTI
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